Andy Dubin - Owner

Andy Dubin lives, breathes, eats and sleeps the dry cleaning industry. Having grown up in the industry, Andy’s first job at the original Dubin Cleaners in Detroit was to pick up pins off the floor for 25 cents an hour. Andy is extremely well rounded in the dry cleaning industry— he is a true expert. From cleaning/ spotting, to pressing and everything in between, his passion for the industry shines in whatever he is working on. Andy loves customer service and thrives on making sure everyone walks out the door with a smile. It’s his keen sense of people and his expertise in the field of dry cleaning that makes Andy such a rare gem in the industry today. Andy loves to travel, fish, and spend time with his wife Sandy. The two have been married for 30 years and loving their life adventure more and more everyday.

Sandy Dubin - Owner

Sandy Dubin is a successful businesswoman who has a deep entrepreneurial spirit. Sandy’s business savvy traces back to her mid 20s when she juggled four jobs at once. She has come a long way since then— starting a successful pet-care company and owning commercial property in Downtown Detroit, all while overseeing operations of Dubin Cleaners. Sandy not only loves business— she loves to use the business as a catalyst for good in the community. Sandy created Dubin Cleaners & Laundry’s Winter Warmth Campaign, in which Dubin Cleaners & Laundry cleans all donations before sending out to their beneficiaries. Sandy is also proud of Dubin Cleaners & Laundry’s on- going relationship and work with the Michigan Animal Rescue League. When Sandy is not working, she can usually be found exercising, reading, or spending time with the dogs. A mother, wife, businesswoman, and community servant. Sandy knows what it takes to run a successful business— quality, integrity, and reliability.

Sam Dubin - Vice President of Operations

Sam Dubin is an impressive 4 th generation in the dry cleaning industry and proud to carry on the Dubin name in dry cleaning. Sam graduated from Central Michigan University in 2014 with a bachelor of science in broadcasting and political science. He has interned at FOX 2 Detroit and WWJ Newsradio 950. He loves using his broadcasting skills and applying them to his role at Dubin Cleaners & Laundry. Sam oversees day-to- day operations as well as marketing and philanthropic initiatives. He is especially proud of the thousands of pieces of clothing collected every year for Dubin Cleaners & Laundry’s Winter Warmth Campaign. Sam is extremely passionate not only for business but for the greater community. He serves on the board of directors of the Michigan Institute of Laundering and Dry Cleaning, and NEXTGen Detroit— the young adult division of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit. Sam’s passions include news, politics, and travel. He loves exploring new places and cultures all while learning new things every day.